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Box #4 February 24, 2011

Filed under: Box — theboxexperiment @ 9:37 pm
It’s finally time for a new box! It’s the perfect week for a produce delivery too, we just returned from a weekend out and neither of us feels like going grocery shopping for the week. We have most staples in the house already: chicken, pasta, rice, tomato sauce, etc. We will need to pick up milk and bread, but that’s about it.
  • Broccoli GA
  • Sweet Potatoes NC
  • Red Leaf Lettuce CA
  • Roma Tomatoes FL (2x)
  • Celery CA
  • Sweet Onions TX (2x)
  • Green Beans FL
  • Bosc Pear WA
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit FL
  • Bananas SA
  • Items We Swapped Out: Naval Oranges and Fuji Apples

This weeks menu is going to be winged. We’ll definitely do sweet potato fries again, maybe I’ll look into twice baked sweet potatoes. We’ll do soy ginger green beans probably with a simple rice and chicken entrée. Definitely do some salads. JEM won’t be home for dinner on Wednesday, and we’ll both be out at the Caps v Rangers game on Friday– so there will be no discovery recipes until next weekend, maybe some oldies but goodies though!


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