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No Box This Week February 7, 2011

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Last week was a sick week in the JE/BLM household. This week isn’t shaping up to be better with hockey games and dinners out with families. That means we have plenty of left over veggies, a pretty stocked fridge, lots of fruit, and plenty of ideas of what to do with it all. So we decided to take a week off from the box. That’s one of the perfect things about Washington Green Grocer, we can pause and there’s no penalty for it.We have butternut squash soup left over from the last squash, tons of red potatoes from last weeks box, plenty of oranges, bananas, cantaloupe and apples. Neither of us is at all interested in cooking beets so they would have been swapped with something else. The only thing I am interested in are the green beans and the red leaf lettuce.

This week we would have received:

  • Butternut Squash NJ
  • White Mushrooms PA
  • Yukon Gold Potatoes FL
  • Green Beans FL
  • Red Leaf Lettuce CA
  • Red Peppers MEX
  • Red Beets CANADA
  • Fuji Apple WA
  • Bosc Pear WA
  • Navel Orange FL
  • Mango SA
  • Banana SA

Since it’s not the growing season the current selection of veggies is, more or less, the same from week to week. The only thing that is different on this list from other weeks are the beets, everything else we’ve seen before, even the mango. So we decided, in keeping with the spirit of the box, if there are any items on the list that we want we’ll get those and try to keep those to our produce content for the week. Well, I went to Giant today and picked up red peppers, white mushrooms, and mangos (which were on sale 4 for $5!!). But I cheated and picked up some avocados (10 for $10!!!). Clearly that idea went down the tubes pretty quick. Though I know no one who can pass up on sale avocados.

It was 50* out today and gave a beautiful glimmer of the coming growing season: Georgia first, then the Carolinas, and finally Virginia! We are definitely looking forward to different and more local vegetables.

Recipes to look forward to: homemade humus and salmon marinade.



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