Attempting to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Hello Earth! January 16, 2011

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Welcome to TheBoxExperiment! Since JEM and I moved in together we started to be more conscious of the food we bought and how we were using it. We started simply by purchasing more vegetables and cutting out the things that weren’t great for you. (When I lived alone, there were more Oreo’s in the house!) After a spree at Whole Foods where we  bought $5.00/lb apples from New Zealand, we decided we wanted to buy more locally grown produce. We checked out some farmers markets but we turned off by cost and lack of vegetables in the winter. So we went back to the grocery store, occasionally bought organic but generally continued to be more conscious of they types of food we picked up.

One of JEM’s colleagues turned us onto Community Supported Agriculture, CSA’s. We looked into the idea when we were living in Chinatown, but it never really seemed feasible. We also started reading more about foods listed catagorized as “natural” and “organic,” “free-range” and “cage-free.” We’ve both agreed that its important to us to eat sustainable, healthy, natural foods and that we know where the food we eat comes from. Little by little we’re making our way to actually purchasing food that represents the things that we value. It started small by purchasing organic, free-range eggs.

Recently we discovered Washington Green Grocer. WGC works with local farmers (when the season is right) to deliver people natural or organic produce. Each week you can order a small box (enough produce for a couple) or a large box (designed for a family). You can choose a mixed box of organic or natural fruits and vegetable or just an all organic box,  you can also choose to get just an all fruit box (mixed or all organic as well).  They also work with  farmers to deliver eggs, dairy, and meats, they also will deliver “kitchen cupboard” good (condiments, etc), and they work with Firehook to deliver bread.

Our first box arrives this week. I am hoping this experiment will help us widen our list of “family recipes.” I’ll am going to try and record our adventures and experiments with the box for the amusement, enjoyment, and/or horror of any adventurous soul who chooses to read it.


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